Food & Beverage Packaging

Food Packaging Should Be As Appetizing As The Product Inside

Food packaging is an important part of any food product. It can be the first thing that consumers see, and it can make or break a sale. The food packaging industry is constantly evolving. Through e-commerce, consumers can order specialty cheeses, craft beers, gourmet chocolates, or protein bars alongside specialty condiments with the tap of a button. With Pack City’s expert help and guidance, we work with you to develop a well-rounded food packaging and branding solution that is fresh, modern, and inviting.

Food-Safe Packaging Boxes

No matter what your product’s specifications are, food safety, hygiene, and durable packaging are all equally important to preserve and protect your product investment and foster consumer confidence and trust.

Using food-grade packaging substrates is required for consumer safety and regulatory compliance. After researching the best materials to seal and preserve your products, Pack City creates bold packaging that ensures a fresh and flavorful product. We strengthen your brand and market presence through enticing imagery, logos, and targeted messaging. Our packaging solutions expand your market reach through bold design, product preservation, transportation stress mitigation, and brand impact.

Versatile Packaging Solutions and Powerful Product Messaging

What are you packaging? Does it need protection from moisture, oxygen, light, or air contaminants? Is your product frozen or is it freshly served?

We work with any type of food product, no matter the size, shape, or temperature. Whatever you envision for your custom-printed food packaging, Pack City has you covered.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging for the Concerned Buyer

Materials science is advancing at the speed of light, and environmental packaging elements are becoming much more important for consumers and for the companies they choose to buy from.

Environmentally compatible materials not only help save our planet but translate into greater sales and a lighter carbon footprint. We offer a wide selection of
post-consumer recyclables, recycled papers, and boxes. If you have specific materials requests such as eco-plastics, compostables, or more biodegradable packaging elements, we can help you source and apply those important elements to your
total-packaging solution.

Wholesale Capabilities

The food industry will only get bigger from here, which increases your need for large quantity orders made of high-quality durable packaging. Pack City will happily help you produce long-run orders at an efficient pace.

Where Do I Start?