Electronic Packaging Solutions

Protect Your Product and Enhance Your Brand

We specialize in engineering creative, cost-efficient, and sustainable electronics packaging to capture customer attention and create point-of-purchase and unboxing saatisfaction. The surge of personal electronics over the past two decades has produced some of the most innovative box designs in packaging. While e-commerce sales continue to rise, many electronics are purchased via retail shelves.

Electronics manufacturers need sturdy packaging to protect fragile products, delicate components, and key accessories. Luxury packaging communicates to the customer that they're purchasing a high-quality product that will meet or exceed their expectations.

Don't Skimp on Quality

When protecting electronics, there’s no need to limit yourself to styrofoam and bubble wrap. Some of the strongest electronic packagings comes in small sizes. This is the result of intelligent structural engineering, high-quality material sourcing, and thorough testing. At Pack City, our engineers have deep experience designing innovative dielines that protect electronics products while providing an immersive unboxing experience.

Get ISTA Verified

In addition to our rigorous quality-control standards, we offer ISTA verification, and can design according to any testing, regulatory compliance, or industry standards you may require.

At Pack City, we focus on balancing protection, presentation, and customer experience. Our project management team collaborates constantly to ensure your brand values are reflected in every part of your custom electronic packaging.

We design and produce electronics-packaging for products of any shape and size, including:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Headphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Computer Hardware
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Personal Care Electronics
  • Home and Beauty Appliances
  • Wellness Tech
  • Large Electronics

We’ll Deliver an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Our packaging design team works closely with our materials experts to determine the best structure, substrates, and printing methods to use for each packaging project. We also work with you to understand your customer’s specific needs and desires in an unboxing experience. For example, how is the product presented upon opening? Will your customers appreciate sustainable materials and simple recycling? These are just a few of the many questions we ask during the process of designing packaging solutions for our valuable clients.

Once the structure is solidified, we apply your brand aesthetic through specialized printing and unique materials to deliver a tactile and functional experience. We have factories that are G7 Certified for color consistency and GMI Certified for industry performance, ensuring your electronics packaging conforms to the highest standards, allowing your customers to receive a consistent and amazing unboxing experience, every time.

Concerned about Sustainability?
Pack City has you Covered

Materials science is evolving at the speed of light, and environmental packaging elements are becoming much more important for consumers and for the companies they choose to buy from.

Environmentally compatible materials help save our planet and can translate into greater sales and a lighter carbon footprint. We offer a wide selection of post-consumer recyclables or recycled papers and boxes. If you have specific materials you would like to use such as eco plastics, compostables, or more biodegradable packaging elements, we can help you source and apply those important elements into your total packaging solution.

With our creative, innovative team of packaging professionals, Pack City helps boost sales and makes your brand stand far above the competition. 

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