Custom Cannabis Packaging

Full Service Cannabis Product Packaging

Our custom cannabis packaging highlights your brand and company’s core mission. We craft packaging that incorporates your company’s values and vision, making your product stand out on dispensary shelves. Whether you produce exotic strains of indoor-grown cannabis or are releasing a new lineup of flavorful edibles, our design agency crafts the perfect package structure, graphics, and messaging for your distinctive product.

The medical and recreational cannabis industries have exploded in recent years. New products are competing for shelf presence at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, standing out on the shelf is a priority when creating custom-printed cannabis packaging.

Bold Graphics and an Inviting Product Presentation

Upon entering a dispensary, cannabis purchasers will often look around to figure out which product to buy. During this vital time window, your product has a chance to make a visual ‘pitch’ to the customer.

Incredible packaging stands out on the dispensary shelf and prompts new shoppers to proceed immediately to checkout. We seek to answer the question, “What makes a cannabis customer reach for a specific package?”

Packaging Needs to Make a Great First Impression

Customers will often buy a new product based on its perceived value. This process happens almost unconsciously and the packaging tends to be responsible. Pack City’s behind-the-scenes magic will attract customers to your product and spark their interest. Bold design principles can be the difference between products flying off the shelves and sitting around, gathering dust.

Packaging materials and messaging can make a huge difference ~ many customers will select products based on the look and feel of the packaging materials alone. Clients seeking higher-end packaging may opt for a robust glass container over a flimsy plastic one. Picky customers will also often choose premium packaging over products that appear to be cheaper.

Customer Centric Packaging

There’s a very short time for your product to land its visual pitch. Pack City creates powerful packaging tailored to your customer's needs in order to win the pitch in that crucial moment.We believe that packaging is an extension of the product. Our custom cannabis packages will inspire customers, educate them about your product, and elevate your brand.

We’re proud to work with cannabis brands on the cutting edge of this exciting and constantly evolving industry. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or redesign your entire cannabis-packaging strategy, we will help you select the right approach for your current and future clients.

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